November 3, 2008

Hack.Lu 08

Finally got home from the old continent. I've been presenting a work I've working on the last months. First of all I must say the organization of Hack.Lu was great. It's a small single-track conference where most of the people are from France, Germany, Belgium and of course, Luxembourg!
I've met a lot of cool people and must say Fred (one of the conference organizers) did a great job and helped me a lot, thanks fred.

As for the talks, there were quite several I liked, I will only mention two:

  • Various Ways of Classifying Malware (H. Flake and S. Porst from Zynamics): They showed the awesome tool called VXClass, which is intended to aid in malware classification into families. As always, great apps. from bright people. I recommend you have a look on what they're doing

  • The guys from RedTeam Pentesting GmbH showed what they've learned while doing JBoss pentests. Basically walked through configuration issues and exploited them live. A very interactive talk and with a lot of things to take into account while deploying/doing-something with the JBoss plattform.

Regarding my presentation, I'll soon publish the code and upload the slides. It is basically an environment which uses instrumentation provided by Core Grasp. Check out soon for the material.

That's all for now,